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News Chronicle

The News Chronicle was a British daily newspaper. It ceased publication on 17 October 1960,[1] being absorbed into the Daily Mail. Its offices were in Bouverie Street, off Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 8DP, England.[1]


Daily Chronicle

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The Daily Chronicle was founded in 1872. Purchased by Edward Lloyd for £30,000 in 1876, it achieved a high reputation under the editorship of Henry Massingham and Robert Donald, who took charge in 1904. Owned by the Cadbury family, with Laurence Cadbury as chairman,[2] the News Chronicle was formed by the merger of the Daily News and the Daily Chronicle on 2 June 1930,[3] with Walter Layton appointed as editorial director.[2]


With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the paper took an anti-Franco stance and sent two correspondents, Arthur Koestler (to Málaga)[4] and, later, Geoffrey Cox[4] (to Madrid) in 1936. In 1956, the News Chronicle opposed the UK‘s military support of Israel in invading the Suez canal zone, a decision which cost it circulation. According to Geoffrey Goodman, a journalist on the newspaper at the time, it was « one of British journalism’s prime casualties of the Suez crisis ».[5]


In 17 October 1960, the News Chronicle « finally folded, inappropriately, into the grip »[5] of the right-wing Daily Mail despite having a circulation of over a million.[1] The News Chronicle’s editorial position was considered at the time to be in broad support of the British Liberal Party, which was in marked contrast to that of the right-wing Daily Mail. As a result the News Chronicle ceased publication and the title was absorbed by the Daily Mail.[3]

As part of the same takeover, the London evening paper The Star was incorporated into the Evening News.

Notable contributors

Notable contributors to the News Chronicle and its predecessors included:


1930: Tom Clarke
1933: Aylmer Vallance
1936: Gerald Barry[4]
1948: Robin Cruikshank
1954: Michael Curtis
1957: Norman Cursley

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