Del Hui (China) Co., Ltd. is a collection of their own R & D, manufacturing, logistics, sales, service and many other industries as an integrated group, headquartered in the « Chinese Brands », « China Shoes Capital » Fujian Province Jinjiang City, Fujian Province under the jurisdiction of Del Hui Sports Limited, Dell benefits distribution center, Dell R & D center Hui clothing, footwear Del benefit R & D center, Dell Hui Brand Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and a nationwide 30 number of sales offices.

Dell Hui Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 80s of last century, in the company under the leadership of Mr. Ding Mingliang the helm, after years of market development and production operations, the company has established the major provinces and cities nationwide sales network of maturity. Through nearly three decades of unremitting efforts, the company has now set « Famous Chinese Trademark », « Chinese famous brand », « National Inspection-free Product » and many other honors and titles in one, become an important influence on comprehensive sports business.

If u know their website gimme info 😉

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