The Refrigerator

The Refrigerator (1991)

220px-TheRefrigerator1991FilmA couple move into a bad apartment in a bad neighborhood in New York. The apartment contains a refrigerator, which is the only thing they like in the place. However, they slowly discover that the refrigerator is a monster which kills people in gruesome ways and then sends them to hell. The refrigerator is already gaining mind control over the husband. What will happen?

PUB : Porsche, Coca-Cola, Norge, Aunt Jemima, Budweiser, Haagen-Dazs, L’Attaque de la femme de 50 pieds, Rolling Rock, Pampers, Winston, Cheerios, Dellwood, Iron Man, Sony, Lacoste, TDK, Evian, Maxell, Beebe, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Vogue,

Casting : Michael Beltran, Phil Butard, Angel Caban

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