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I; II ___ Los Angeles Tribune Founder Almena Lomax Passes Away at 95
By Matthew Fleischer on April 4, 2011 9:00 AM

Wendell L. Willkie Award-winning journalist Almena Lomax recently died in Pasadena at the age of 95. Lomax was a pioneering black journalist in Southern California, who founded the Los Angeles Tribune and was a leading civil rights activist in the region.

From the AP obit:

In 1941, Lomax borrowed $100 from her future father-in-law to found the Los Angeles Tribune, which operated for two decades and at its peak had a circulation of 25,000.

The newspaper had a reputation for feisty and fearless reporting, with articles about the movie industry and Los Angeles police racism. Its contributors were multiracial, including Japanese-Americans Wakako Yamauchi and Hisaye Yamamoto DeSoto, who had been held in camps for Japanese-Americans in World War II and later went on to become distinguished writers.

Lomax was the mother of former Los Angeles Police Commission president Melanie Lomax, who died in 2006.

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